I am a painter in Loveland. I travel all over Northern Colorado to provide custom murals for people and I ship paintings to anywhere. Please take a look around at the different forms of custom artwork and crafts that I’d love to create for you. There are innumerable options available. I can paint walls, canvas, glass, or anything else you can imagine. My mission is to provide you a custom piece that you can’t find anywhere in stores. I want to help you express yourself in your home, give a special gift to a friend or a family member, or make the most of a blank space. I’ve broken my work up into three main sections:

1) Murals- custom paint jobs on walls

2) Custom Canvas Art- paintings I’ve done, though some aren’t on canvas, to have an idea of my style and ability

3) Crafty Gifts- smaller crafts and creations that make wonderful gifts.    You can also visit my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EaselyInspired  

Let me paint your imagination to life!